Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Watch this website and our Facebook Page. We'll give you an easy link to sign up. Don't forget to look around for discount codes!

Q: I don't get it ... what exactly is Permission?

A: Permission is a carefully crafted event designed to help you overcome your obstacles and live into your vision of a spectacular life.You get many things, including:

  • A full day of overwhelming support for your dreams and plans;
  • Proven methods to get you in the right state of mind to make powerful changes; and
  • Effective skills and frameworks to craft a better life in the months after the event.

Q: This seems like a big commitment. Do I really need to spend all day at this?

A: YES! I routinely spend 4 consecutive 12—16 hour days at personal development events. I've never regretted a minute. I've learned that the personal and business growth I get is worth infinitely more than the time and money I spend.

Q: My life is fine. How is a day of high-fives and handshakes going to change that?

A: Lol! There is a lot more to Permission than just high-fives and handshakes. There's a lot of science behind our activities and just a little hocus pocus to add energy and joy.

If you're perfectly happy with your life, you may not need Permission. That's cool.

But ... are you really? If you love your work, is your personal life everything you'd like it to be? Do you have a hobby you've always hoped to take to another level? Is your health as robust as it could be?

Are you counting the days ... or seizing the days?

The people I know who have incredible lives do a lot to make them incredible. They dream, plan, organize, and implement powerful strategies. They're very intentional. Contrary to popular myth, the happiest, most well-actualized people aren't just lucky. They're usually very thoughtful, deliberate and hard working.

At the very least, Permission will be a chance for you to do some guided work on your future. At best, it can be an overwhelming, fulfilling, life-changing day of transformation!

Q: Do I have to share personal stuff?

A: Yup. But only as much as you want to. This is a difficult one for some people, but you get out what you put in. It's tough to work on an issue if you haven't acknowledged it.

I urge you to go as deep as you possibly can, because that's where I've seen the best results from people (including me). I can't give you an exact formula for how much to reveal, but for me, sharing almost everything no matter how intimate has been very helpful. Try to be as open and revealing as you can without being gross or insensitive. Everybody will do their best to be non-judgmental and supportive.

Q: What am I paying for? $397 seems like a lot of money.

A: It IS a lot of money for some people. We never take your money or your time for granted. If the cost of Permission will keep you from feeding your kids or paying your mortgage, please don't come.

But what would it be worth to live the life of your dreams? I think my first personal development event cost $997, but the things I've been able to do with what I learned are priceless.

Here's a partial "What You Get" list:

  • You get the day at Permission.
  • You get the course materials.
  • You'll get feedback and support from very positive, very motivated people.
  • You'll get a chance to get our supplemental course at a very steep discount.

What's it worth to live every day with purpose, passion, and profit? How long will you endure boring days at a job that depresses you? How long are you going to accept a lukewarm relationship? How long are you going to go home after work and turn on the TV instead of doing something unique, dynamic, profitable and FUN?

Q: I'm a little scared. What if I have to make big changes?

A: Change is scary. I get that. Your friends and family might find your new purpose and energy a little strange.

But here's the thing about change — it happens no matter what. Governments rise and fall, companies come and go, the news keeps getting more negative, and all of us are eventually going to lose our health or run into major challenges.

The real question is not whether you have to deal with change. It's whether you want change to be imposed on you or to take control of how and when it happens.

Not everybody will reach the life of their dreams, but you have a much better shot if you're trying.

Even if you never get where you hope to go, life is a LOT more fun when you have a dream and a plan, and when you're taking steps toward your vision every day. I'll trade a little stress and fear now for a lot of regrets later.

Q: What are some benefits I'll get if I attend Permission?

A: That's a big one. If you come with an open mind and play full out, the list of potential benefits is huge. Here are a few:

  • A day of music, fun, hugs, high-fives and handshakes.
  • Personalized frameworks for achieving the life of your dreams, solving your external obstacles, dealing with your "inside" stuff, and just being a better, more actualized version of yourself.
  • More contentment and less anxiety about your decision making and the future.
  • A clear vision of your mission in life.
  • A set of goals for your personal development.
  • Clear first steps to move forward.

I resisted intentional personal development for a long time. I thought it was silly. But when I was desperate for solutions, I found that the experts had advice that helped me.

Not everything you'll learn at Permission will help you, of course. Nearly everything we cover is supported by good science, but emotion and commitment are important, too. That's why I say Permission is "80 percent science and 20 percent voodoo." The voodoo is what I do to get you emotionally involved. You can set aside whatever doesn't work for you, but people who have come have gotten amazing results. Some of them may share their stories with you from the stage!

I hope you'll consider coming to Permission. It will rock! We'll get energized, work hard, support each other, and leave exhausted with a sense of accomplishment. I would love to see you there.

The next Permission event is coming to Ann Arbor in February 2020. Please follow our Facebook Page to make sure you get updates. I can't wait to see you there!

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